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Group Counseling Activities for Stress Management

Are you feeling stressed, anxious, or unsupported? Come to Kami Wellness Center Inc. in Plantation, Florida, for group counseling and individual therapy sessions. We teach you stress management skills and also get to interact with other people with whom you can bond and share emotional support with. Our group therapy and counseling sessions work best for:

Individuals | Couples | Groups | Family Members

Move On and Excel

At our wellness center's therapy sessions, we provide counseling that motivates people to overcome setbacks, move on, and excel. Our reflective listening approach allows those participating in sessions to empathize and employ a non-judgmental method of understanding everyone else's personal issues. This way, you acquire the emotional confidence you need to manage a broad range of life situations. We also help you positively adjust to the changes happening in your life.

Holistic Approach

Our methods draw much from the experience of our company leader. Kamla Johnson has extensive knowledge and a Master's degree in Social Work and Health Administration. Our holistic approach to counseling provides you with the ability to cope with emotional difficulties through 50 minutes of group therapy.

Acquire the Right Frame of Mind

Group therapy session rates start at $65 for a group of up to six participants. This could include a child, partner, or spouse. Through these sessions, we help you acquire the right frame of mind to overcome:

Addiction | Grief and Loss | Trauma | Anxiety | Indecision | Conflicting Emotions